in Waldorf, MD

Khala Scott

Khala Scott, a dedicated Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), hails from Bossier City, Louisiana,
showcasing an illustrious educational and professional journey rooted in her profound passion for social welfare and community enrichment. Khala's academic voyage commenced with a robust foundation laid at the University of Louisiana, Monroe, Louisiana, where she achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work in the spring of 2021. This foundational knowledge propelled her towards advanced scholarly pursuits, culminating in a Master of Social Work from the reputable University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, in the summer of 2022.
Embarking on her professional journey as an LMSW, Khala has since been embodying the principles of social justice, individual well-being, and community empowerment. Her practice is underscored by a holistic approach, ensuring that the individuals and families she serves are provided with comprehensive support that addresses their multidimensional needs. Khala’s experience spans various facets of social work, including mental health counseling, family advocacy, and community outreach, making her a versatile asset in the social work landscape


 Khala’s incessant drive for continuous professional development, coupled with her grounded ethics,
 positions her as a notable LMSW. Her professional ethos is mirrored by her proactive involvement in
 various social welfare projects and her commitment to fostering enduring relationships with the
communities she serves. Khala Scott continues to epitomize the essence of a compassionate and adept social worker, ceaselessly striving for the upliftment and betterment of individuals and communities alike. Through her laudable efforts, Khala is contributing meaningfully to the broader social work field, exemplifying the profound impact that devoted social workers can impart to society.

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