About Latrice Nesbit, LGPC

in Waldorf, MD

Latrice Nesbit, LGPC

Latrice Nesbit, LGPC has over 12 years of providing counseling and case management services to adolescents and adults in the community and agency setting as a Rehabilitation Counselor. Latrice also has extensive experience working with individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem issues, occupational challenges and stress, substance use disorder, and physical disabilities.

Latrice’s therapeutic approach is based on empathy, warmth, and trust. She will provide a collaborative space for Clients to have empowerment, time, and strength to process and embrace their feelings and experiences. Her role will allow Clients to understand themselves, their past, relationships, and self-awareness. As a therapist, Latrice will help Clients to be authentic and create a life experience through the intricacies of life. In addition, Latrice will strive to help with building practical steps toward their goals and future.

Booking Link:  https://provider.kareo.com/latrice-nesbit